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I invest a minimum of two hours each day, seven days a week, reading the latest news and updates about all aspects of online marketing and technology. Knowing where the trends are going – mobile, web, social media, etc. – helps me advise my clients where it’s most beneficial, and profitable, to invest money and time. I also learn all the latest tricks and techniques to save time on, automate, and optimize online activities.  Be it redesigning your website, setting up and optimizing your social media profiles, or training you in how to get the most benefit from your online activities, I can help you build, maintain, and optimize an engaging, attractive, cohesive online presence.

Instead of showing a generic list of services and packages, I’ve chosen to list my capabilities and set an hourly rate of $87. I also have a full day rate, meaning 6 hours (typically 9 am to noon, break, 1 pm to 4 pm), for $467.

Social Media

Set Up Your Social Media Accounts. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. – I can set up your accounts or optimize your existing accounts with design and graphics that create a cohesive online presence for your business.

Social Media Management. If you’re having trouble implementing your social media strategy or simply don’t have the time to do it justice, I can help on an ongoing basis. From simply meeting on a regular basis to provide coaching and brainstorming, to doing everything involving your online presence, I can help.


Online Marketing

Email Marketing. Email is still the best way to reach your prospects and customers most directly, with a much higher chance your message will be seen than any other method. I can help you develop an email marketing newsletter system and template design, as well as an email marketing plan, to hit the ground running.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Management. The two biggest pay-per-click (PPC) programs available to advertise online are Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising. They each have their unique pros and cons, as well as their quirks. I am trained in optimizing and managing both programs.

Search Engine Marketing. Investments in search engine optimization and marketing pay off exponentially over time. People trust organic search results more than paid ads, too. SEM is an art and a science, in an always changing system that is never “set and done.” I can help from basic training in best practices to managing your search engine marketing on an ongoing basis.

Blogging. Blogs are essential to search engines and for showing your expertise in your industry. What and how you blog matters, though, based on your target market. Long posts or short? Images or text or both? Sales pitches or general content? How often? There is no set answer, as your market and how much time you’re willing to invest make a big difference in how you proceed. I can help.

Brainstorming. Wondering if you’re doing online marketing right? Would you like a pro to analyze what you’re doing? Need a cohesive strategy so you stop flailing around randomly? Need content ideas for articles, videos, contests, getting fans, engaging fans? Need help tying all your online activities together? Hire me for a few hours and I’ll help you build a strategy that gets you the most engagement for your time and money.

Branding/Logo Design/Graphics. It’s not my main thing, but I love to do it. If you’re needing help developing your brand identity, let’s get together and talk. Click here for my portfolio.

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