Managed WordPress Website Hosting

Social Kauai's Managed WordPress Website Hosting

The WordPress website platform powers more than 25% of all websites. A key benefit of WordPress is their ongoing updates for browser changes, security, and speed. WordPress also uses a theme structure and modular software named plugins for added functionality. These, too, are regularly updated. Managed Hosting is not only hosting a server location for a website, it’s maintaining the website’s updates and security.

Social Kauai Managed Hosting includes updates to the WordPress platform, Theme, and all Plugins at least once per month, and within 24 hours of any security updates. My process for all updates is as follows:

  • Backup Website;
  • Perform Updates;
  • Test Website for any issues from updates;
  • If the updates harmed the website (happens on average once or twice a year), I restore the website from backup, figure out what caused the issue at WordPress, theme, or plugin support to find a solution, and re-update once it’s fixed.

Social Kauai Managed Hosting also includes:

  • Hosting on redundant servers with a top tier host with 99.9% Uptime.
  • Daily entire website backups, stored for 10 days.
  • Hacker hardening to protect against 99% of hacking efforts, as well as daily malware scans to immediately find any unauthorized activity. If Malware is found, I will restore a previous backup and lock down source of the hack.

The monthly investment for Social Kauai Managed Hosting is $49 per month ($39 for nonprofits).

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