Social Kauai Website Analysis

Social Kauai Website Analysis

It’s hard to determine where to go without knowing where you’re starting. The best way to get started thinking about a new website is with our Website Analysis.

Website Analysis and Recommendations: This full site audit includes performance optimization testing with recommendations, suggestions for functionality and usability, investigation of problems and potential problems, all from an expert outside view. I subscribe to several very expensive software packages that allow me to dig deep and provide important recommendations based on current data.

  • Site Speed Analysis – With an average 3 second wait time until leaving a site, speed matters.
  • Search Engine Optimization Analysis – Are you breaking Google rules? What can you do to go further?
  • Backlink Analysis – Who’s linking to your site and are they good links?
  • Code Analysis – Is your code up to spec? Does it work in all browsers?
  • Multi-platform Analysis – Does your site work on mobile phones and tablets? With the majority of website visits now performed on mobile, a mobile-ready website is essential.
  • Usability Analysis – I perform usability testing and provide expert advice.
  • $197

The $100 Ecommerce Add-on includes an analysis of every aspect of your online store to make recommendations on usability, conversion optimization, upselling, and more.

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